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So, my new blog!

Thank you :) <3

Okay, this is my last post. I won’t be DELETING IT, but I won’t update it for a while. So bye and I love you <3

funkyfairy-deactivated20110709- said: WTH. whats happening? tumblr deleting? :(((

Just for a little while. I will inbox it to your fb later <3

joshontoast said: first off don't leave! you have an amazing blog. we didn't speak much on here, but wish we had, you seem very nice, add me on facebook? it's (: xx

Hmm, for some reason, your link doesn’t work :S But we should’ve talked more :) <3

asmile-fromastranger said: when do you think the time will be right? i love your tumblr! but if you really feel the need to delete it, then PLEASE come back to us soon. :( ♥

I will! We can talk on FB, if you’d like :) <3 I’m going to miss you a lot.

somecuteshit said: Aw hope everything turns out okay! xo

Thanks :) <3

Good night you guys <3 Feeling so bad now :(

ciao-sono-nicole said: Please don't delete your tumblr! D':

I’ll make another one when the time is right <3

xxevaa said: you're deleting your tumblr? NOOOO, WHY? ;__;

Just personal, family reasons :S But I’m glad you care <3

amarante-hana-deactivated201208 said: don't do it noooo dont delete it !!!! pleasee !!

You can add me <3 I will make another one when the time is right :S

To the anon asking me who I was on facebook, yes that is me :)

jarazela said: SJJJJJJJ
dont deactivate.
i really really really really like your blog.
and we interact on tumblr more than on facebook.
I REALLY HOPE YOU DONT. BUT ITS NOT UP TO MEEE -another dramatic sigh-

Your icon :) <3 We can always talk more on Fb than Tumblr, but I have to <3

wearepretending-deactivated2012 said: Wait...your deleting your tumblr?! D':
Please don't...! PLEASE?!

You can add me on FB and we can still talk :P But don’t worry, I will make one another time, but this just doesn’t feel right. <3 <3

s1nking-sh1ps-deactivated201403 said: youu shouldnt delete it ;/

I added you :) And don’t worry, I’ll make another one someday, it’s just too much stuff now, and these really weird anons I’ve been getting and hacking and stuff and also it just doesn’t feel right :S <3

rock-nrollsuicide said: Be back soon!

I added you <3

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